Curve shape - How to add a curve between elements?

Hi there,

Has anyone successfully added a ‘curve’ shape into their landing pages/apps?

As you can see in the example above, there is a curve that makes it a smooth transition between the top image and the next part of the page.


bumping this, anyone have an idea?

I achieved this affect using an SVG file I made in Adobe Illustrator. I made the canvas size inside Illustrator 1200 (my bubble editor width) x 200. I used the path tool to create a simple curve. Export that as SVG.

Then inside Bubble I created a group that was 1200x200 and uploaded that curve I made inside Illustrator. SVG images do not become pixelated when resized/stretched as it is a vector, not a raster. If the differences confuse you, google raster image vs vector image.


For people also looking to have this done,

I found on PH a cool “waves” generator:

It works very well.


Thank you for the tip. Finally I end up with Google Drawings, which works for given purpose way better than Paint 3D

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