Anyone use the new pricing table from stripe?

Stripe now has a new pricing table feature that you can just drop some HTML on your page and load a pricing table like this on your page. It then brings you through the Stripe checkout page.

You can setup a API workflow to send to send over the customer Unique ID, and use a webhook to match the checkout with a customer in your Bubble Database. Only issue is, the customer needs to be logged in first.

This is a weird flow. Anyone have any ideas how I could capture and match a customer ID with someone who hasn’t logged in? I’m thinking I could prompt customer to create an account after the purchase… thoughts?

Here is a Youtube video with an overview of the integration


Have the same issue and question about the flow as you. How to subscribe without signing up? Would love to use the stripe table, but have no idea how to solve this flow problem.

Thinking about only showing the table for logged in users. But this could lead to lost potential customers as they maybe do not want to register before they know the pricing.

What did you finally do?

I try to use it. Seems to work well if one user identified by email = one subscription.
Look at: Embeddable pricing table for SaaS businesses | Stripe Documentation - there is a method to add email address of user logged in. I just added to embeded HTML code one line:
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Next, you have to set API Workflow to handle ‘checkout.session.completed’ webook; there you can receive all needed data. I’m still testing it, but seems to be much easier than preparing own price table page with serparate workflows for every plan.

just going to re-surface this topic to see if there’s been any changes or insights from anyone. i’m facing the same problem with needing to have a user logged in before they can easily navigate through the pricing table. i’ve built my own pricing table, but the products are essentially the same, and it’s effectively a per-seat pricing model. not the ideal approach, since i only have options for 1 seat, 5 seats, & 10 seats. i’d much rather prefer the user to choose the # of seats they’d like on the fly. so if i can’t use a pricing table if a user isnt already signed up, then the stripe pricing table is effectively useless. i’ll need my own pricing table so that i can trigger a sign-up step, then kick it over to the stripe portal.
the volume-based products in stripe are much better suited to the per-seat pricing model, and i can see how it would be much more flexible to change the number of seats available to a user’s subscription on the bubble side if this could work properly.
a couple minor gripes on the design of the variable pricing table - the user sees the pricing table, chooses the tier that their desired number of seats would fall into (not the actual # of seats they want), when they hover over the ‘pricing preview’, it gives a hypothetical cost for the bottom end of that range/tier.
the user clicks subscribe to navigate through to the portal (there may be some hesitation on their part if they haven’t be given the chance to select the desired number of seats at this stage, the price just says ‘starting at $X…’ and the range of seats for that tier), then on the customer portal, the option to actually select the desired number of seats is just a tiny little drop-down on the left, kind of easy to miss.
considering stripe is such a heavyweight with everything else dialed in, this one seems astray, or that i’m missing something obvious (?). anyone have suggestions to allow users to see prices, choose the # of seats, and either sign-up before continuing to the stripe portal, or have an account created after they go through the payment?

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