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Subscribe user to plan at lender's price

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had any success at setting up stripe to subscribe users to a plan at the lender’s determined price? I see there are options for the charge user option but i dont see any for subscribing a user to a plan in bubble or in stripe.

any help is appreciated.


Hi Cflux,

Dynamic subscription prices are tricky to implement, but fixed ones certainly possible.

Also check out and let us know if you need more help!

The plan cost has to be set up in stripe. Well look into adding the quantity parameter, which should help with this, but prob toward end of January.

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Okay cool, i’m really excited for that feature. Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can cook something up with blockspring / python. I havent seen too much documentation on bubble & blockspring besides a video on youtube but ill take a deeper look and then get back to you guys and let you know what I find.

@georgeciobanu , Any hints or tips on where I should start?


Start with and of course familiarize yourself with Blockspring itself.

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As George says, the best way with Blockspring I have found is to play with it in Google Sheets first, then get it working in the Plugin page. Then work out how to display.

The data comes back in some “interesting” ways, so it helpful to understand the data set before you work with it.

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Perhaps start with some of their tutorials at

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hey guys so I’m looking into blockspring but meanwhile, I emailed stripe and this is what they sent me:

Jumping in for Adam here, I hope that’s okay! If you want the lender to decide the price he wants to rent his product then you’d simply build an admin panel where the lender can create a plan. You’d let him decide the frequency and the amount and you’d call the Create Plan API [1] to create a plan for him. Since you’re using Stripe Connect [2] you’d also need to use the Stripe-Account header [3] to create the plan in that lender’s Stripe account.


So, now I need to figure out how to do all that in python -->blockspring and then get it work on bubble…

I see that Blockspring can call api’s and then using those you can distill information in different ways for different things but as far as running functions. idk. Still looking in to it.

And the tutorial for running functions in blockspring through the languages isnt up yet unfortunately.


Was checking to see if I could just make a work-around by making general plans in stripe and then assign them as “things” and then have the user choose which one designate as the rate via drop down menus but that didnt work either unfortunately.


Here’s a good middle ground: create multiple subscription plans in Stripe, at small price increments, say:
$5, $10, $15, $20 etc. You only need to do this once. You then allow users to subscribe to the closest increment that matches their desired price - if they want to pay $17, they can pay $15 or $20.
The plan ids can be something like plan_1, …, plan_17, plan_18 etc
You can do this by hand or via their api

Alternatively, create a $1 subscription and use the per-user pricing. If a user wants to pay $17, save 17 and charge the user 17 “seats” each month.

Hey guys, @emmanuel and @georgeciobanu, I actually tried doing that a day or so ago lol and I found that you could do that, but the issue I ran in to was that the person leasing out the item couldnt select the particular plan to assign to that to that item on the back end of it. I could select the different plans in the workflow part through the “subscribe user to plan” option in editor, but then that would only allow one plan to be an option and not the rest of them.

I was hoping to create something like this using the incremental system:

For example, lets say I had created those plans, I would think that I could then have a dropdown box or radio buttons with those options in it and then when the person leasing out the item clicks the “submit” button, it would then assign that rental plan value to that item, and then when someone wants to rent it, the rental plan assigned to that item would be implemented and I could show the math as well so they would know what they would be getting in to.

I even tried to create the individual plans as a “thing” or a field but I couldnt link it to the rental plans I had created via stripe.

I’ll try revisiting that issue later on this week, maybe there is a hole I missed I could use to get it to work.

And with blockspring it seemed like if i chose to use python then I would have to use django but I dont think that would work because that would mean I would have to link to the server which i’m pretty sure is something that’s not an option from @emmanuel standpoint. Not something I’d want to mess with either respectively.


Can you help us understand what part didn’t work here?

Hi @georgeciobanu

I’ll give the example of if I was trying to create AirBnb

There are 2 sides: Renters (people Renting property) and Owners (people who own the property and are renting it out)

As an Owner, I cannot select the price at which I would like to rent out my property because I cannot select the incremental value (or a value) to assign to my listing.

Stripe allows us to create multiple plans yes, but the issue I am running in to is that I cannot assign values to the listings. Right now as it stands, the people renting out the property are the ones choosing which plan to sign up for which is not how it should work. The owner renting out the property should be the one choosing the price at which their property is rented out for.

If I did try to do it right now as it stands, Owners could only assign their properties the value at which I (the admin) have given them and only 1, ex: $1/ night. As an admin, in the editor, I am not able to give them options. In short, the owner needs to be able to create their plan for how much the want their property is rented out for and be able to do it for multiple properties.

In my previous reply, I was stating that I thought I would be able to fix the problem by creating plans as a thing and then linking those things to the stripe plans but that idea did not work because there is no way to do that.


We just deployed the ability to specify a quantity in subscriptions. It’s now an option in the subscribe action.

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