Anyone using Nylas in their app?

I’m researching solutions for my app and came across Nylas,

I need to integrate email, contact and calendar into my app and they do all three.

According to their website, they do two-way sync for the contact and calendar which is a feature I need for my app.

I tried reading the documentation but my eyes glaze over a little bit. I’m a non-technical Bubbler.

As far as pricing goes, they have a ‘starter’ package but no price listed with it.

Is anyone using Nylas?
Was it easy/hard to implement?
Would I need to hire someone or could I cut and paste my way through it?
How is it working with this in Bubble?

PS. A plugin would be awesome!


I’m about to starting testing Nylas with Bubble. Did you ever get something created?

Hi, I haven’t implemented it yet. I still plan too but I’m working on other things first.

Hey Guys,

We did and actually finished testing it and integrating it for our use case. but the cost associated with it was crazy high. So we stopped the plug-in development.

It’s a good product but expensive

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Ali, would you be willing to share screenshots of your working Nylas integration? I’m working on building out the API Connector plugin for Nylas user auth, but am having some difficulty getting it set up properly.

Hey @AliFarahat,

Did you manage to set up webhooks on Nylas? I can’t go past the challenge string verification.
If you could chime in some of your knowledge I would be much appreciated.

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I am also trying to do this now. Did anyone have any success? Looks like AirDev has a private plugin they’ve built for it:

I’m working with them now to figure out how to achieve this.

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