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Email client app like MailBird using Is it possible?

The use case is that I have many email accounts on different platforms (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)
I need to manage all accounts from a single web app that I want to build in
Is there any experienced folks who successfully integrated IMAP / SMTP / EWS into bubble? Maybe there is a way to use existing email client that can be integrated into

Yes you can achieve that but you’ll need something to connect to IMAP servers. I reviewed this recently and we found that is a good option to achieve this, as well as quick access to Gmail and other services :slight_smile:

Bubble then acts as a UI to create and pull data via the Nylas API :slight_smile:

Hope that helps


Bookmarked @help Thanks! :+1:t2: :fire:

Thanks Reece.

So, is like an “interface” to access IMAP servers? Do you know whether it requires to write custom code / plugin to integrate their API?

I learnt a lot about computer networks basics, Network OSI Layers, know what is IMAP. However, don’t have clear architecture / workflow on my mind how to make it work in my application (it even doesn’t matter whether the tech stack is or Javascript application).

At first I just wanted to show mailbox and enable just reading emails / email threads. This was able to achieving using where I adjust each email account to resend every email to servers and then to No coding was required.

Afterwards I realized I need to reply to / write emails (SMTP required, can’t use Sendgrid because I will need to change MX DNS records for each email account that I have. Each email account that I have is on a different custom domain name. It is time-consuming and I think it is not worth implementing it due to my conditions) and also read emails in original state (usually emails are customized using templates / HTML and CSS). This made me thinking I need to replicate app like Mailbird / Mozilla Thunderbird. It seems to be very hard, but interesting that you are saying is capable of doing it.

I also had idea to set up IMAP of each Outlook / GMAIL account to automatically get all sent/received emails on a single [email protected] GMAIL account. And then send messages/threads from [email protected] to app using GMAIL API. However, it seems it requires to write custom code, and I can’t use Bubble API Connector. Very confusing.

What would you do if you were me? @help


Hello @vovahumnytskiy

I just finished reviewing a quick video intro about Nylas as greatly recommended by @help

Here the 30 second intro >

In short, if you need to integrate into a Bubble app any calendar, contact and email provider in an easy way without worrying about doing maintenance work into every integration … this service does the job (provided that pricing works for you of course)

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“Email provider” / “Integrate any email provider” sounds very broad in this video. Makes me feel like it is a common transactional emails service.

From experience I can tell you that the value proposition offered by a service like this is quite interesting. Cannot attest to it as I have just learned about it… But I will look into it some more for sure!

Best of luck with your project :smiley: :+1:t2:

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Is it possible in to develop a functionality natively without 3rd-party APIs to connect to any email provider just by providing account’s credentials + IMAP ports/aliases ?

One developer told me he worked on similar internal email client for an ERP and in Python it took him a few lines of code.

He also said that by adding account’s SMTP aliases/ports it can be possible to send emails from app.

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