Anyone want the "scroll down" forum feature we all love here?

I’m currently implementing another idea that revolves around Bubble’s forum’s thread scroller feature. I haven’t found anything like it in terms of plugins on the market at the moment (or at least those functions and behaves like Bubble’s).

I have already implemented the lerp (and the floating behavior), but now I just want to know if it’s something people would like before I continue with the idea. I’m able to implement every aspect of this feature.

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I don’t know that I currently have a use-case, but I’ve been fascinated by this Discourse feature since I got involved in Bubble’s forum, and certainly would welcome someone putting the work in to develop it for Bubble! I feel it wouldn’t be long until I needed it anyway :slight_smile:

People have tried, but never used the right logic. I have figured it out recently and I wanted to possibly release it if it’s something that is under some demand.