[New Plugin] Scroll "Blog" Progress Bar

Hi everyone,

I’ve just released a new plugin called “Scroll Progress Bar Pro” that allows you to display a bar that get filled as much as the scrolling percentage on the page.
You’ll often see it in blog articles, or in quite long web pages.
It works on all devices & on all browsers.
It’s a beautiful way to indicate your users how long a page is, and at what percentage of completion they currently are.

Here are the links :
:link: Editor is here : Scroll-progress-bar | Bubble Editor
:link: Preview / Demo : https://scroll-progress-bar.bubbleapps.io/version-test
:link: Plugin Page : Scroll Progress Bar Pro Plugin | Bubble

Have fun, & happy building!


Fantastic! It can be used in a vertical way? I want to put a vertical line that completes while the user scrolls trough a group.

Hi !
I’ll take a look to see if I can add it.
I’ll keep you updated.

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New update 05/07/2022 (@leq_24 )

  • It is now possible to define the scroll by defining specific groups. The following example explains it quite well : I want to track the scroll percent of a long text (> 2000px) inside a scrollable group of 250px.
    My containeR will be the 250px group and my containeD will be my long text of 2000px.
    I specify their HTML IDs inside the plugin properties, and there you go !


You may try it on the demo page, at the bottom !
I’ll see in the next update if I can make it vertical (@leq_24)
Have a nice day / evening :slight_smile:

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You are amazing! Thank you very much for tking the time to make this work!!
Maybe I explained myself in a wrong way, What I was asking was fot the progress bar to be in vertical mode.
Here you can see an example of what I need

Thank you very much!!

Hey my friend @leq_24
Would this fit your needs ? :slight_smile:

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You are a genius! Thank you very very much!!

You’re welcome man !
Can I help you with something else ?

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