Anyone with want to join me to create a READ / WRITE Google Sheets API plugin

Here are the links for reference:


How would this differ from what is available now using SheetSu/SheetSu plugin?

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besides there already is plugin for google sheets which we have created

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

let’s stay in touch on twitter!


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@levon I have purchased your plug in - google-sheets-and-charts-service-plugin

I am trying to find a good tutorial for the plugin (seen the docs on your site) but thats not adequete. Do you have some videos or tutes? or actual apps to look at?



Hi Kunal
this page contains links to both a documentation and a demo page where you can see an actual app

Thanks - Most helpful.

@levon Levon, I subscribed instead with your other plugin -

Everything connecting properly - but struggling on how to pull data on update on Google Sheet into Bubble Database (any example would be helpful. Also how to convert to Date format (plugin seems to convert everything into text format?)

Thanks a lot - loving ZeroQodes set of plugin

you would probably need to use this

Sorry - didnt underatand. Are you sending this link for the date format issue or are you saying that the plugin will not be able to update information to Bubble Dtabase from the Google sheets and I need to build it from scratch?

this link is a documentation about push notification API from Google Drive which you can configure to send updates to your Bubble app by configuring endpoints (API workflows) in your app.
Simply put, the plugin can’t automatically detect if there were any changes unless you poll data from Google Sheets with certain frequency. Webhooks on the contrary are triggered events on the Google Sheets side, and they send update to the programmed endpoint URL everytime there is an update to the sheet

Hi, the demo wont work (oauth redirection is not allowed)

which demo?

this one :o

fixed it, thanks!

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Anyone for a Google doc plugin ?

I want to create Google Docs from Bubble workflows (copying a template and merging from Bubble data).

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I started something, willing to join forces…