Google Sheets API Plugin or 3rd party for Migrating individual values


My objective: I am building a calculator app. My formulas are implemented within the Google sheet. I’d like through the Bubble app, (future ios) to collect a date > drop it into my Google Sheets > then pull out the individual date values and propagate the configured date values then back into the bubble app. It’s (1) date value in and (5) date values back out.

I am not collecting user data as it is all open. SO no restrictions there. The Google Sheet itself should not need to be "logged in, nor authenticated by a specific user to access it. I would like through the app the values to flow back and forth.

I am looking for advice as to which plugin or a third party (like Zapier) to use to complete the task. All pointers and help for setup welcome as well.

I have already explored one plugin - I was unsuccessful using this plugin with migrating the (5) values back into Bubble app.

Hi elizabeth !
Have you been successful with this ? How ? I would be grateful to learn through your experience !
I’m trying to build a debt repayment schedule, I have tried using Google sheet too through API but the “Make the first row of your spreadsheet the header” requirement is making it impossible.
Thanks in advance !