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I have seen that Airbnb only provides its API to partners and that it stopped supplying its API in past years. I wanted to know if you know of any API from a partner or any well-known API of Airbnb that can do ‘GET’ and ‘POST’. Currently, I only have an API that does ‘GET’
Do you know of any API ?

I just did a Google search for you and found this article in the search results…I did not bother reading the article for you but that may be a good place to begin.

As per the link @boston85719 sent

Unfortunately, your business likely won’t be able to use the API created by Airbnb. This is because even after finally releasing an API back in 2017, to this day, Airbnb is very selective about the companies to that it gives access to the API. The Airbnb API is not publicly accessible. Officially, Airbnb only gives API access to prospective partners guaranteed to substantiate the end-user, or the Airbnb ecosystem .`

We have an app for airbnb users and hosts with 3k > users and counting but we’re not using Airbnb’s API. We, however, have plans in building a feature that would require their API Access.

I heard that you can apply for the API access somewhere but they’re not currently accepting applicants as of the moment.

But if you were to build an app that would require their API access, you better build an awesome one since they’re pretty strict and selective of the applicants. ATM, we’re currently restructuring our app from the UI down to the logic and security.

We’re planning to apply next year (if they’ll start to accept new applicants again) Will let you know by then!

Thank you! @ntabs and @boston85719. I saw th blog as well. Anyelse knows more about it?

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