API/ API connector Not working after pushed live

Hi Everyone,

I built a webapp that allows users to enter a URL. Once entered it sends that URL to my cloud server (through api connector) to initiate the scraping job, then after scraping is complete it sends the scraped data back to bubble through the backend workflow api endpoint.

Everything worked great in test/development mode. But now that I pushed it live it’s no longer sending to my cloud server. The preview link even still works fine though, it’s just the live mode.

Any ideas what may be going on? Been pretty stumped on this one.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mstlouis6595

My guess here is that you forget to remove the “version-test” from the URL you are using in your cloud to make a POST in you Bubble app…

I think you’re correct! I did not update that, I’ll try doing that and then see if it’s fixed.

Thank you for the quick reply!!