API array parameter posting null when an one item is empty

Hi guys,

I have an API that works well when all the array values are filled. Somehow it doesn’t work when at least 1 value is null. So below are screenshots explaining the problem.

Below is the workflow and the form showing the dynamic data input values. Whenever any of these are empty the entire array sends a null.

This is an image of the form whose dynamic input feeds the workflow shown above

Below is the API where the order_items is the parameter I am asking about.

Somehow the API doesn’t initialize when I use JSON as the body type meaning I am stuck using form-data, so that option is out for me.

Why don’t you switch to json (body type) and use th body instead of parameters section?
Also, in JSON, you cannot send an “empty” value, you need to remove the line or send null (without double quotes) like

Thanks @Jici for your response. But the call doesn’t seem to work when I use json. Only form-data works for the API (I don’t understand why anyways.)

You probably didn’t configure it correctly or the api only accept form-data. Please provide doc to API