API / bearer token equivalent in bubble?

Hi guys

Total beginner, learning more about the API’s I want to connect with bubble at the moment. I just started playing around on postman and getting some good results.

My Bubble question is this- an API I’m testing in postman has authorization type of:
Type: bearer token. Token: my api key.

So I’m wondering what the proper authentication selection for this would be in Bubble.
There is no option that mentions ‘bearer’.

Oauth2 custom token? Private key in header?..

Many thanks for any leads!

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Can you give a link to the API?
Or Screenshot of your postman setting
Possible that is a Key in Header and you will set The key name Authorization and the value Bearer yourapikey
but bearer can also be used in oAuth

Hi @Jici

Thanks for getting back

Its webflow cms api Webflow API and Documentation | Webflow
Im figuring out how to get data, but my goal is to actually post to webflow. So want to make sure I set the authorizations up correctly in Bubble.

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The first way should work.
You can also use Private key in URL and set
Key name : access_token and Key value: yourapikey

Thanks again!!

Those would look like the attached screenshots?

1: private key in header
2: private key in url

Curious is there any benefit to either way of doing it, or is it just a style choice?

Put it in the header

Key = Authorizatiion
Value = Bearer ds8a90dsajdklasjdklsjakl

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the fist one need to be
key name: Authorization and value: Bearer yourapikey

The url one is perfect (don’t forget to set the key in development key value too)


@NigelG Oh ok I think I get how to add bearer in header.
I assume that would look like this screenshot?

@Jici How do you know when you need to have development the key under development key value, vs not? Is that ever empty?

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What if my API has a refresh token endpoint? How can I use Bearer token auth with that?