OAuth 2 Access token

Hi there,

I’d really appreciate some support after hours of trying and failing!

Here are the API Instructions:

Here is my current translation into the bubble API

And here is the failure to initialise message:

Much appreciated if someone can help - prepared to make a financial contribution for some advice if necessary


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Solved!!! Turns out I shouldn’t have been trying to use actual JSON syntax in the body field.


Hi Andrew – having a similar issue. how did you resolve “Bearer [access_token]”? I see you initially had it as a shared header, but seem to have dropped it in the solution?

Have this exact same question. I’m not able to pass in a bearer token into the header, would appreciate any guidance on this.

Hey Byron – I was able to figure it out

You need to copy/paste the literal token over [access_token]


Key: Authorization

Value: Bearer fnfh78i2n3ionfml;sfk9c0spdmcm23fn784n (whatever it is)

I was able to get my access key by doing an Authentication of “None or self-handled” then calling a POST like:

I think it’s important that you check the “capture response headers” box before you initialize.

This gave me my actual access token, which I then copy pasted next to Bearer on my next call

Thanks for the response! I think I follow that you should paste in your actual key to initialize the call, this lets you capture the data structure.

Are you using the same token for all your users, or a specific one for each user though? I’m trying to pass in the token specific for the logged-in user. So far as I can tell…this means to “use as Action” rather than data, and trying to pass it in the workflow?


Update: it works now! It looks like you can do this as either Action or Data, passing in the token from the current User

Hello @hschreib , I have a similar token request call to setup. I’m hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

The documentation for this step is below and seems pretty simple:

I have the call setup like below:

And then I get the following error:

I feel like I’m missing something basic. Would appreciate any advice.


Is it possible to get acces taken by OAuth2 User-Agent Flow pattern?

Hi everyone, I would like to used the access token correctly in a POST request but I dont understand…

I’m working with an external FrontEnd (React Native) and I use Bubble BackEnd. I have a login page where the user logs in with their email and password: I receive a reply from Bubble with :

  • userInfos[…]
  • token
  • user_id
  • expires

So now I would like to use this token and make a call to my backend with it but I can’t find the solution… (see picture below on the goal to reach)

Can you help me?


I’m confused. The user logs in to your back end (bubble) and then bubble responds with the token but then you want to use this token to call the back end again?