API Body Parameters

Hey again It’s me and my API issues again.

So I successfully (I think) set up a POST API call to publish some items a marketplace. It works beautifully as long as I use only one type of characters (numbers). Once I start adding letters to my body parameters values, it fails. Here are snapshots of both cases:

Case 1 - API Call Using only numbers

Case 1 - Response

Case 2 - API Call using numbers and letters

Case 2 - Response

The funny part is that if I run the API Script in Postman it works, regardless of what characters I am using. :confused:

What am I doing wrong here? Is there any extra info I need to ask the API developer to provide me with?

Thank you

I tried it with httpbin and it works.

But you are using this call as an “Action” type of call. Meaning it will be triggered clicking on a button or similar. You have content type set to json. I know in Postman u need to set body type to raw. But here u can already set it to json only defining body parameter ( keys ) leaving the values blank. Then in your workflow which hooks on the click event u set the values from the input fields.
There is a youtube video for this process: https://youtu.be/nO8PSqeJaWk?t=1906

Also maybe try to check that box “Capture response headers” and after initzializing the call look at the raw response data.
Which API do you want to use?


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Thanks Benjamin, I was just about to write back on this. So I used requestbin to verify my API call and realized 2 things:

  1. I need to have it changed to json body
  2. I had to change the format of my body parameters.
    The format I was using was:

“pn_id”: <pn_id>

and I was supposed to use:

“pn_id”: "<pn_id>"

It seems to be working fine now.

The video you shared is gold! Appreciate a lot your help!!

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