API Call bug? (Open AI Embeddings)

When making an API call to the Open AI Embedding endpoint through a workflow, the vector numbers are returning in the format “0,000…”, when they should return “0.000…”. (The decimal separator must be . not ,) as follow:

Even using :formatted as in the expression seems to have no effect on format separators.

This only happens when I make the call through Workflow. When initializing the call through the API Connector, the result is as expected (separated by .):

Why does it happen? Should I report it as a bug?

This has occurred to me when the language of the app was spanish. Get the embedding:each item:formatted as decimal with like 10 decimal places and a . as a separator and it’ll work, it did for me.

No clue if it’s a bug or intended.

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My app is in pt_br and here we usually separate the decimal places with a comma. The same should happen in Spanish.

Thank you, it worked.

It’s stupid Bubble sends it in API calls with commas. Maybe submit a bug report and let us know if they agree it’s a bug or a feature…

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