Decimal separator changes to ","

I have an issue with my app. I receive data and use “.” as a decimal separator, and Bubble automatically transforms it to “,”. Furthermore, Bubble then mistakes the “,” decimal separator and the “,” list elements separator.

For instance, I receive a list of numbers :
[19.1, 19.225, 18.05].

In a workflow, I store it in a state of one element (without changing the decimal separator) and Bubble stores it as [19,1, 19,225, 18,05]. When I plot this data, Bubble will then plot [19, 1, 19, 225, 18, 05] which makes no sense.

How can I solve this ?

Here are some screenshots :
The first one shows my curve and the values. Instead of plotting 19.45, 20.345, 21.445, it plots 19, 45, 20, 345, 21, 445…

The process of getting the data is the following. :
The second screenshot shows what I receive from an example API call, with “.” as decimal separator.
The third one shows the API workflow. I take the result of the API call and set the state of “Courbe de puissance” element.
The fourth one shows the actual state of courbe de puissance, with “,” as decimal separators. It seems that as “,” are now used as decimal separators, my graph.js plugin confuses the “,” decimal separator with the “,” that separates data points in the list, and ends up plotting wrong data.

Please share a screenshot or screenshots

Hello, thanks, I added some screenshots

Try changing the API field consumption (list) to receive a text instead of a number. You can convert those texts to numbers later on if needed

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