API call Bug or Feature?


I’m trying to figure out whether a particular behavior in an API connector is feature or a bug.

Here’s the scenario: when you set an API call parameter as ‘public,’ making it visible in the console, and then dynamically define its content within the app, everything seems to work smoothly. Surprisingly, even if you later reset the parameter as ‘private’ (invisible in the console), Bubble still functions with the dynamically defined value.

I’m curious – is this by design, or could it be a bug?

Sounds like a bug :grimacing:

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By “public” you mean a parameters with private box unchecked?
If you mark it as private, Bubble will use API Connector value (and even with public, if not set to allow blank). If you have set a different value while it was in public and now set it to private, I agree with @tylerboodman.


Thanks both - could be a nice feature if supported and used correctly :wink:

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