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Issues with API call parameters not availible

I hope it’s not me going mad. Sometimes I think it is!

Is are any other bubblers out there having trouble with their API call parameters not being available to them?


I have a repeating group on this page that I intend to populate from a list of things.

When the page loads I’m trying to set up on of my api calls to populate the list of things.

The api call is “Open-Classifieds-API - Get-Ad”

you will see that I have a parameter, “id_ad” on the call. When I setup the call in the workflow the parameter field doesn’t appear.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

It’s because you’ve made the setting private. if it’s private, it’s defined at the app level, and not on a per call basis.

it looks these are blank text. when are trying to use calling things.

you can change “…edit me…” the text is not working :expressionless:

Hi Emmanuel,

I’m only new to Bubble (about 2 weeks). However I have had all of my calls parameter’s marked as private and only since yesterday I’ve not been able to use them in workflows.

Has there been a change to the system or has there been a bug in it for the last two weeks that has somehow allowed private parameters to be used on a per call basis?

I really like the platform and want to continue to use it however the business I work for is a little concerned about ease of support and stability moving forward. We have seen a few instances of things like this popping up of the last couple of weeks.

Are there any plans to improve the change and release management strategies of the product?

We will be more than happy to pay for Bubble provided that we are ensured of investing into a robust platform for our web design.

I’ll play further with the private settings on the API calls however if someone from the team would comment on my businesses concerns above that would be great.

We haven’t touched that code for the last 2 weeks so not sure how you saw that. If something like that happens again best is to file a bug report.

We move pretty fast product wise as that’s what most of our users want us to do. But if you want more control on this using a dedicated cluster let’s you control when you update the code that your cluster is using. That way you can decide to wait for a bit before each upgrade.

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