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API Call not working with dynamic data

What do you mean it’s not responding? After the call is made, don’t you have subsequent actions to store the response to?

The call is to another website whose API I am using.

It tells me time of the last time that API was made a call to, and it uses that website’s servers to run the tasks I am wanting to do.

When making this call on Bubble, nothing is updating on that other website’s end for any new call made or anything. Which is basically the issue I was having at the beginning of this post.

Are you getting a little red icon lower right when the workflow is ran?

No I am not

Also, are you using the right call? The image in your very first post suggest the action you’d call is the default “API call” but in your workflows you’re using the “Stable Diffusion” api call

Edit: nvm I see

Ya, it’s structured like this

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Does this service you’re connecting to have logs? Can you see your requests?

Also, it doesn’t look like you actually sent any image urls. If you had, they’d show up as an s3 bucket url from aws so that’s weird.

Try, in the api call > imageList Result of step 1 images(or something):format as text

I think it’s an issue back to the images_json.

Tested the call with manually inputting the data returned from each of my dynamic data points and the images_json returned near a hundred links, even though I only uploaded 10.


Try this last thing. Directly using result of step 1 images into the call itself. You SHOULD only have to use 1 format as text here and you’ll format it like the nested format as text previously.

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Did just that, same issue tho unfortunately

In this section of the debugging you can see what it’s returning for the URL’s.

It should only be 10 image URL’s because I’m only uploading 10.

But it’s way more than 10 and when plugging this into the raw request body on jsonlint it says its not a valid json.

think something is going wrong here

You’re still searching, but the items might not be uploaded yet. You’ll need to use “Result of step 1”

when doing it this way there is no option for “this dreambooth training imageupload images:”

It will be “This image”

“This image”

Delimiter ,

And it should work.

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thank you its working now.

appreciate the help sir

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Yerrrr we out here baby

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