API URL Param wont pull in the dynamic information

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Almost done with this, but, the API connecter has a dynamic parameter that is used in the URL of the call. It isn’t pulling in dynamic data and only using the prefilled data. Can anyone tell me what might be causing this? Did I set it up right? What more can I show here to help diagnose this issue?

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You shpuld remove the prefilled data first after call initialization. After, you should inspect your rg to see which data ia returned by your setting for the api call (group user email). I suspect that actually this setting doesnt return anything so Bubble use your API connector data.

@Jici This is really strange. The only thing I took out was the prefilled data from the API Connector, and it seems to be working now. Honestly, the past few days, things in bubble have been weird. I build something that works, then suddenly it stops, then it starts again without changing it.

Something like this happened yesterday with something that I had to design a whole flow around to stop. When someone else tried to use the functionality, it was unnecessary to have even built the workflow to go around the issue because it wasn’t an issue.

I think that time is was that a workflow that was supposed to be triggered when conditions were met was also supposed to run every time, but wouldn’t. Then someone else tried to use it again later, and it worked fine.

I always try to remove the data from API connector because when the data is empty, Bubble use the one from API Connector instead of leaving it empty.

For Bubble issue like your have, you should always submit a ticket where you didn’t make a change and something stop working correctly. Most of time, a minor fix from Bubble team create issue somewhere else and they can easily found and fix it. Faster you report it, faster they will found and fix. Sadly, when you are not on dedicated plan, you cannot choose when theses update goes live.

Thats ok, Thank you for the advice. I appreciate the help! @Jici

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