API call only works once

I make an api call to supabase and load data into a custom state (list)

everything works ok BUT when i add a new record to supabase ( working ok too) the RG wont refresh!
If i click the "Leer todo " Button it wont GET data from supabase. But if i refresh the main page it will!

I dont know why API works only first time after loading page and not aftwerwards. Please help me.

Adding new record (row) on supabase working. cant read response yet though. So i know Supabase is not the problem (does it?)

This is my api call to supabase:

Bubble cache API response. If you do the exact same call, Bubble will use cache. There’s alot of tips and trick on the forum you can look. One of them is to add a header and use a dynamic value that change everytime you call the API (example: using date and time or randomstring)


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