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API call with authentication error

Hey guys,
I have the following problem: in my app the authentication is done after login with API. This API after authenticating generates a token. Every data request that I need to fetch the app has to be authenticated. But after logging in, the token is generated but the data is not presented in the browser console, the error of not authenticated is shown. How do I store this token and place it on each call to show the data I need?

What plugin are you using or do you make the call manually?

If you are following the OAuth 2.0 , then you can check out this way - Grabbing Token from API Connector OAuth User-Agent Flow - #5 by ankur1

You have to add once and after that, you don’t need to worry about adding tokens in each API call.

I’m using API Connector plugin

I’m using authentication as shown:

So how you are passing the data. @luolgon

The data is being passed via API when logging in, according to image 1. However, at each request, the application must identify if the user is authenticated through the token, as in image 2 configured in the API Connector, generated at login. This authentication is sent to the header. But I’m not getting it to the header.