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API connector using end user credentials

Hi there,

I’m looking at the API connector and jeez, such a great idea! Really, this is awesome!

Let’s say I’m creating a product that integrates with another service. That is, the end user has an account on this other service my app integrates with and has to set it up herself by going to a setup screen on the app I’ve been creating and add the authentication parameters. My question is: Is there any way of adding stored data into the parameters of an API call created using the API connector?

You can ask/store data from users for params.

For an app, I’m building multiple source searches. The one here allows me to search the Biblia API to get bible text. I ask the user for a search term, store it in a table called search_terms.

This situation doesn’t require OAuth as the Biblia API is read-only, but the same should apply for connecting and passing variables through OAuth.

Plugin --> API Connector:

Search and search results:

Storing it via the workflow:

There might be a better way to do this, but this particular solution took forever to figure out. So as soon as it worked, I backed away slowly.

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Wow, this is great! Thank you, @scottb50! Now I’m just getting an authentication error, probably not passing the right parameter names, but def. a good start!

Have you tried postman? It’s easier to debug the calls.

Thanks! Never tried this, actually managed to get a successful response using Postman! Thanks once again, @scottb50