API Call with photo URL

Hi there, I’m using an API that takes 2 photo URLS and I’m trying to dynamically reference a photo uploaded by a user as the value for the “sourceImg”

  "sourceImg": "[url]",
  "targetImg": "[url]"

Here’s what I have:

"sourceImg"="PictureUploaderA's value's URL"....

^ This always fails.

But when I replace the URL with a link directly, it goes through.

How do I get the Dynamic URL for the uploaded image into my API call correctly?

I saw I could also use “This Picture Uploader’s value’s URL” but it didn’t seem to work either

I feel like i’m missing something very obvious here.

Please help!

Try adding https: manually in front of the PictureUploader’s URL (Manually type https: so it’s white then insert dynamic data right after that and pick the PictureUploader’s value)

Bubble URLs don’t have that portion

Apart from what @tylerboodman mention, you wants to add the “[” and “]” to the dynamic url.

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Thanks Tyler that nailed it much love

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Ty i’ll keep that in mind!