Send Image URL to an API


I need your help to get the URL of an image uploaded on my platform…

I’ve tried everything, saved my image in S3, encoding64, nothing works.

I want to send this URL to Make for automation…
I tried with a list of image and a list of text for the URL text…

I’ve looked at this blog in particular. :

But nothing works…
Thanks for your help.

Hey Victor! What happens when you send Image’s URL (the :URL option in Bubble)?

It return me this :

Got it, so you need to append https: at the beginning in order for the URL to be complete. Bubble saves the URL as a path and you would need to add https: at the beginning to make the URL accessible

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It’s not working on my side.
I add https:// but I got this…

It work ! Thanks you so much !!

Awesome! Glad to know that you got the solution :slight_smile: