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API Call with Timestamp Requirement

Hey guys, I’m trying to integrate with an API for a simple GET request…

How do I use the currently built in API connector to get past the TIMESTAMP requirement as stated below?

Are looking for a UNIX time? Then see this

Can you explain how to use this please? What’s the header field to put into API connector?

Sure. Can you share which API your trying to use

This is the full API documentation…

Requires a timestamp header everytime for authentication…

Thanks for your help…

from what i understand is you need to pass dates in one of these formats (can’t test it as i dont have an API key)

HTTP-date = rfc1123-date | rfc850-date | asctime-date
rfc1123-date = wkday “,” SP date1 SP time SP “GMT”
rfc850-date = weekday “,” SP date2 SP time SP “GMT”
asctime-date = wkday SP date3 SP time SP 4DIGIT
date1 = 2DIGIT SP month SP 4DIGIT
; day month year (e.g., 02 Jun 1982)
date2 = 2DIGIT “-” month “-” 2DIGIT
; day-month-year (e.g., 02-Jun-82)
date3 = month SP ( 2DIGIT | ( SP 1DIGIT ))
; month day (e.g., Jun 2)
time = 2DIGIT “:” 2DIGIT “:” 2DIGIT
; 00:00:00 - 23:59:59
wkday = “Mon” | “Tue” | “Wed”
| “Thu” | “Fri” | “Sat” | “Sun”
weekday = “Monday” | “Tuesday” | “Wednesday”
| “Thursday” | “Friday” | “Saturday” | “Sunday”
month = “Jan” | “Feb” | “Mar” | “Apr”
| “May” | “Jun” | “Jul” | “Aug”
| “Sep” | “Oct” | “Nov” | “Dec”

create the API like this

After your done initialize the API and pass the date as in the format above (suggest day-month-year) by customizing the formatted as on the date.

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What happens if you require the UNIX timestamp version which appears to be something that is instantanous?

I can’t set up the API connector because I can’t call the UNIX time dynamically in the api connector to initialize the call.

You can use a sample value to initialise the API connector, it then makes a call using the sample value.

To get a recent sample value, run a Bubble text element with dynamic value Current date/time:extract UNIX. It should look like this: 1478749413430

Once the API connector is initialised, subsequent calls to the API can pass in a parameter value of Current date/time:extract UNIX

Doesnt work because it has to be real time. I have tried.

Which API are you connecting to?

Usually API services have some leeway of a few seconds to allow for servers time synching and connection lag. Have you tried getting the current time, then adding 10 seconds (10000 milliseconds) to the number, then pressing the Initialize button when the 10 seconds have elapsed? On your marks, set, race!

Also possible that the error was from a different cause.

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I’m having the same problem. Anyone else figure this one out? It seems as though this type of initialization is becoming commonplace.

@emmanuel, is this something you’ve encountered?

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Hey Justin. Did you find a way to solve this problem?

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how does your api connector look like? I’m struggeling with the setup…

Did you figure this out? Are you connecting binance API by any chance

Did you find a way around this?

I am using the binance API, can’t get it to initialise. Endpoint security type – Binance API Documentation (