Api connector and Javascript


I am trying to sync api connector and toolbox to migrate my backend to an external server and keep using the frontend with bubble.

So my problem is that when I call an api that it is working. It is a signup api I am trying to manipulate the response with js.

Workflow steps are:

step 1 : Call api with the values passed as data

step 2: I am only tryng to console.log the response received but I am gettting an error.

What I want is just console.log that data received, it is a post request signing up a user to auth0.

It is working completly fine in postman and with api connector I just can not find the way to manipulate the data received.

I will like to say that I am using “result of step 1” and keep getting the same error.

Can someone explain to me how to use javascript after an api is called?

Thank you in advanced.

Hi @ulimenem
This is the official “Toolbox” plugin editor

It has several workflows regarding how to use javascript & other combination
Maybe it helps :+1: