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API connector not working in workflow editor

I am using the Bubble API Connector and today I can not get it working in the workflow editor.

I made a demo app which shows the problem here if anyone has a minute to check it out.

I added the plugin, connected it to an API and successfully initialized it. Then when I try to access it in the workflow editor, it is not available. For example, when clicking the button, the API should run.

Any help here would be appreciated!

Your API call is set as a Data call….

If you want to use it in a workflow it needs to be an Action.

So just change the ‘Use as’ option from Data to Action.

When using the API Connector and making a call, you have 2 options to use for Use as - They are Data, and Action.


Use as Data will allow you to use the action “Get data from external API” when setting a value. An example, using your API, is here:

Alternatively, you could use Use as Action.


Action allows you to use the API as an independent action, which is what I believe your intent is. I also have an example here of that as well:


In conclusion, it all depends what you are trying to do with the API Call. If you are doing a POST, UPDATE, DELTE, or any action really other than GET, I would use it as an action. If the API call is a GET call, I would recommend using it as a Data call.

Let me know if you need more clarification,

Thank you!

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