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API Connector - API used as 'action' not showing in workflow list

The API I am trying to use is a POST which is used to cancel a booking on a different server. The expected successful response is empty (no content). I am able to send the request correctly.

However, I think because the response is empty, and the API Connector Plug in therefore has no fields to map, the API is not showing up in the workflow menu.

So when I say “When Button A is clicked…” I can not find my “POST to endpoint” API action anywhere, which means I can’t use it.

Is this a bug with the API connector?

I wonder if you can set the URL to be “client Safe” for an API that works, then overwrite with this one.

It is problem though, the API connector should work for other responses. Does it not even give you a “200” success ?

Thanks Nigel - it does give an empty 204 response, but there is no content, so I’m guessing that is why API connector isn’t showing it.

It’s a good idea to try and get it to recognize it as one thing, then change the endpoint. I’ll give it a shot.