API Connector bringing in most of data but not all?

I am bringing in NBA Players and their teams from an external API through the API connector and saving it into my database. For some reason though, every time I run it, it misses just a couple players. When I look in the raw data, the missing players are in there as well. Any help as to why it is missing just a couple of very random players after bringing the data in?

The API has a bunch of different data for each player and I was only bringing in the “Fanduel Name” and “Team” originally. I just reran it with it bringing in the “first name”, “last name”, “draftkings name” and “yahoo name” and the players I was missing are now in there. Whether I am missing any others is hard to tell as of now as Id have to go through each team. Do you have an understanding as to why bringing in the extra data for each player would allow me to bring them all in? Thanks by the way!!