API Connector dedicated cluster

Is the API connector co-located on the same infrastructure as the broader Bubble app for customers who use a dedicated cluster?

So for example, if the customer’s dedicated cluster was in the AWS Sydney, Australia region, does the API connector also live on this same infrastructure region and therefore calls made by the connector originate from Sydney Australia?


Not sure what you mean
API calls are made from the client side

Backend workflows on the other hand are handled on the same server as your cluster.

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As per the documentation, calls via the API connector are sent from the Bubble server.

What I wanted clarity on is for bubble apps that are on a dedicated cluster, is the Bubble API connector also co-located on the same dedicated infrastructure for use by only that dedicated cluster’s bubble apps?

My bad, you’re right

This is a good question!
Probably something that can be taken up with Bubble support?

The answer based on Bubble support response, for anyone looking for this in future, is yes, the API Connector is co-located with the dedicated Bubble cluster, and therefore calls originate from the same server.

This is the exact statement

Yes, API calls made by an app on the Dedicated Plan originate from the specific Dedicated Server that app resides on.

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