Calling another Bubble app's API with API connector

I have two related apps, App A and App B.

I want to call a API of the API connector of App B by the API connector of App A. Is it possible?

If so, please tell me how to setup in app A. In particular, what is the HTTP endpoint of the API Connector?

This will be a good start to look into

Its pretty simple to set up, its just like any other API

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Yeah, I did consider using the Backend workflow, but I thought it would be easier to use the API Connector for direct integration.
Do you know how to do this?

Yeah just use the API connector that and use the URL for your other bubble app

Thank you, but the API connector returend this response…
How can I fix it?
(API call’s name isgettest.)

Hey Mate

Try this

Then copy this

Then get rid of the initialize at the end and then chuck that into the API call and see if it works


Thanks for sharing your knowledge. can you share the whole process screenshot so that we can learn more and easily.


Incredible. You are a genius!
I did it that way. Thank you so much!!
Have a good day!

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I did?

what are you confused about?