API Connector definition awailable in any way?

I have an application that will use MANY API integrations.
I will configure the integration in API connector, but our customers will provide their own access information(un/pwd, sertificates, private keys, aso).
They also need a way to choose which endpoint and attribute they want to use for a given circumstance.
Think of this as the customer is choosing which datapoint to display in a dashboard.

To do this I have “recreated” the API Connector definitions to be able to let the user choose which endpoint and attribute they want to use.
However this still has the challenge of triggering the correct API connection from a what is really a chosen text-element in my config.
The solution at the moment involves custom triggers, backend-workflows and conditional API calls.
As you may guess, this WILL create a set of workflows and triggers for EACH API definition

It would be much easier if the API Connector definition that we see in the API Connector configuration were available some way in workflows so the correct API could be triggered by something like TriggerAPI : <chosen_api_endpoint_text>.
That would make it possible to create a dynamic generic solution for triggering an API call.
Now I have to chose datatype(API) and select an API Endpoint as datasource. A bit inflexible.

So: Are there any other way of doing this than the one I have started on?
Is it possible to access the API connector definitions in any way other than the ones available?
From Javascript? From something like a custom event CallAPI with <api_name_as_text> parameter?

This is stretching Bubble and API connector to its limits I think, and I will probably have to move to an external integration tool sooner or later, like Apache Sparc or something.
Zapier and Make are also possible, but they turn my use-case upside down, and I don’t like that.

Hope for some inputs on this.

best regards
Alexander Moan
CTO Fifty5