API Connector Plugin different behavior in live/development

I’m wondering if there is a clean way (or future plans for a way) to use the API Connector with slightly different behavior for development and live versions of the app.

I’ve got an API (and corresponding databases) that splits development and live deployments across 2 different hostnames so I’d want to specify both URL’s in the API Connector and let bubble manage which URLs get used based on the environment (I can also imagine it would be useful to be able to specify headers and parameters as live-only and development-only – and though I’ve not used it yet, something similar might make sense for the Database Connector too).

EDIT: To be able to do so without without having to make the the url “client-safe” (which could potentially make it possible to leverage the bubble database to store metadata) would really help the UX.


That’s a good point. We don’t have a strategy there yet but we’ll keep his in mind as we look at that.

+1 with @justin.c.moore
Right now, without API Conenctor differenciations of Live & Production versions, I just don’t see how I could go in production and still be able to go on running test on the test version. Use case here is a deeper integration of Stripe API.

@emmanuel about the API connector UI, when hvaing more than a dozen of calls, interface is not very conveniant.
Just some ideas : Adding several API Connector plugings, each one attached to a third party service. So we could have for instance in the Plugins left panel :

  • API connector - Stripe
  • API connector - Stripe for Connected Accounts
  • API connector - SendInBlue
  • etc.
    or maybe being able to collapse the requests so we can see all of them without having to scroll down a lot.
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Hi. Any updates on this?

Please see my last tip if it solves this issue: Handle with 'dev' and 'live' environments using 'API connector' calls