API Connector does not capture response headers

I don’t know if this a bug or just a lack of knowledge from my behalf,
But I have this API where the authentication process has two steps:
1 - I need to make a call using a “Cookie” first to get an " x-CSRF-TOKEN" from the response headers ( this call will fail but it is not important)
2- Then once we have the token, we use the “Cookie” + “x-CSRF-TOKEN” for the rest of the API calls.

Like this (first call):

for this API I use this URL to give me back the x-CSRF-TOKEN ( which will fail):

Now the problem I’m facing with Bubble is that the first call won’t show me the response headers, it will only show empty json and an error pop-up

I used the same settings in Postman to test and it is working fine there ( showing me the headers back)

So I believe the problem is within Bubble. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The problem is, in both case, you have the same error. But in Bubble, if a call have an error, you will not get the header. If you look correctly in Postman, your call didn’t work. It return 403 error too.

Can you provide link to API doc?

Yes you are right in both failed and this is expected, but as you said bubble wont show the header and thats the problem i’m facing.

unfortunately there is no official doc so i relied on google and see what other are doing, here some:

here is the endpoints doc:


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I think you will need to create your own plugin (and not using API, but Server side action).
Seem to be a bad API design (and seem that a lot of users complain about the API doc and process…)

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