Digest Authentication - Only possible with own plugin?

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Reffering to my post: API Digest Authentication - What is this?

it seems like i have to extract the header data “realm” and “nonce” from the api server response.
the problem is that bubble does not accept an error request, although the error response with its information “realm” and “nonce” in the header is the default way. This information is used to authenticate itself afterwards.

In this topic they say, that a plugin can solve the problem by being able to carry out intermediate steps.

My question: Is this true, that a plugin can handle this problem?

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Benjamin Dörries

Hi @benjamin.doerries
I’m the author of the other topic, if I can remember correctly, unfortunately, I did not find a solution for that problem because Bubble does not support these kinds of APIs, but I’m going to tell you what I did so it might help you.
I created a PHP script to process these data on a remote server, then I will pass these data back to Bubble API.
You will need two API calls to handle this, so if my Bubble app sends a request it will go first to that PHP script and process the data, then returns it, then I can use this response in my next Bubble API call which should work now because you obtained the needed data from the PHP script.

I’m pretty sure you can do this with a plugin but I didn’t try, instead, I chose to do it with a small PHP script, you can do it in any language you are familiar with, and it should work just fine.

Hope this helps,
All the best.

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Yes it’s true that a plugin can handle that. Server side action will be needed.

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Thanks for the reply. I think i would rather try to create my own bubble plugin, but until now i have never done this.

do have know a bubble forum reference where a server side action for the bubble plugin is explained? Like a howto ?

Thank you both for the great replies.

I need a digest auth for my app too. Anybody there was able to achieve that?
Or there is someone that can write a custom plugin?

Thank you so much!

I found someone who will specialized make the digest auth for my Xentral problem.
When it works i can aks him to contact you also!

It would be great! Thank you so much!