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API connector doesn't send body parameters - Google Drive API

Hi, need help.

I’m trying to create files using the Drive API, but it seems API connector doesn’t send body parameters, because the file is created successfully, but it is untitled and has no format type, and the body contains this proprerties.
When I test the method using the Google “Try this API” tool, it works properly, but when I copy the json body to bubble API connector, it does not.

This works (“Try this API” tool)
try this api tool

This doesn’t work (API connector)
api connector

Does anyone know what would be a solution for this case? I believe it is something simple I’m missing.

Have you set any headers?
Likely you need this one:

What I always do is set up the API call in postman first as that is the easiest way to test out api calls to make sure you have it right before going to bubble.

I’m not 100% sure this is the problem you’re having but let me know

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Can you do this call from postman? I almost always test calls there first, then move into bubble when they work

Have you set your Content-Type?

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Great minds…


Thanks @paul29. The content-type in headers solved. I thought it was not necessary because the body is already set to JSON.

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API’s are dumb. That’s why postman is good because it doesn’t fill in any fields for you. Sounds like “Try this API” tool does do some guesswork for you.

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And the next thing people always hit is the difference between “use as action v data” :laughing: