API Connector error 400 on "PDF.co" for PDF-to-text conversion

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong here?

I’m trying to use the Bubble API Connector to make a call to PDF.co PDF-to-Text converter that would generate a text version of PDFs that my users upload to Bubble. I have followed the format that appears in the Bubble API Connector tutorial, the PDF.co instruction video, and the PDF.co documentation on the Bubble.io API Connector. The resulting form looks like this:

However, with that, and several permutations of that, attempted both at Bubble.io and in tests at Postman.com, I’ve received the same 400 error as follows:

If anyone can spot what I’m doing wrong and how to get it right, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much!

It seems the link is not accessible? I can’t see the value of the url but is it accessible? did you try a generic google drive doc as an alt? try quotes around the url value?

Your file might be private

Thanks! That is weird.

Are you referring to the link to the api (https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/text) or the sample link to my Bubble data for translation (//86a6365ce8adc37af942ae5347e7f843.cdn.bubble.io/f1701033482318x372329192966045250/KC-000997_Onix_2022Workspace_ITDM_Healthcare_eBook_r5a.pdf)? That’s a file location stored in my app’s Bubble database.

For the call initiation doesn’t the URL have to be the same location (but not the same field) as what I will eventually connect to the API?