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API connector was working 1 month ago but now not (returning PDF)

API Connector (POST, Data, Image) was working returning PDF file in my App one month ago, but now it can return only PNG file in very bad resolution. Smth was updating in API Connector? How can I solve my problem?

I opened external link with Value = APIrespons’s URL

Without a link to the editor, it’s hard to help diagnose. I suggest sharing your app so we can take a look and see what’s going on.

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to see result select one from list and push button, after some seconds click on the pdf_link and see nothing (image.png)

The API still works, the problem must be elsewhere …

Here is a demo of your API:

Resolution of this image is very bad. Some time ago it was working for original pdf file, not png. And now it’s not working. Maybe you know how is it possible to get the original resolution of png or to open pdf (not png).

I just noticed on the API call, the type was set to “Image”, is that how it used to be?

When you raise a bug report, I suggest you include some steps on how to get to the problem and what you expect.

Edit: sorry I didn’t notice the API was returning a PNG!