API connector error -Authorization Code

Hello everyone,

I have got some problem with the API connector. I am trying to set up the call with the API but at the end I receive error from the api. In this API I allow my user to open a webview and connect their accounts. The problem is that I have to extract the Authorization code (I extracted it already) and post a permanent token. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to correctly configured my set up call I think.

Is there someone that cope with this kind of problem? I provide you few screens to show what I have done.

Here the documentation of the API : https://docs.budget-insight.com/guides/add-first-user-connection

My API connector :

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Hey @thibaut.arnould :wink:

At first sight, I’d say the problem could come from the header key.

The header key for token authentication is « Authorization » without the « Bearer ». Then the value should be « Bearer + Token ».

Try this and see if it works.



Hi @arthur.kieffer

Thanks for the tip :wink:
I have tried this but I have always the following error during the set up :
API Connector error: the Oauth2 API Budgea is not configured properly - Received error from api

Actually, I have to POST my authorization code to obtain a permanent token but it seems to be impossible if the API is not set up :frowning:

Did you end up solving this? I am having the same problem.


Yes I actually solved this issue by using manuel integration.

I found this post insightful : [Showcase] Manual OAuth2 Token Integration


Hi Thibaut,
I’m currently usuing manual integration to link my app to Budget-insight API and I’m following the post you forwarded. I was wondering where did you find the GET URL in the document in order to complete step 2.4 Setup the GET ‘Me’ call ?
Many thanks!