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Connecting with Google (Analytics) API

Hello Friends,

I am wishing to receive data from the Google Analytics API (v4) and while I am following the questions from a fellow bubbler (see API connector error -Authorization Code for reference), I am expieriencing the same issues.

While everything works within Postman, it does not work within Bubble. Interesting however, I am not running in Google errors, but in a Bubble error.

Very happy for any help! Screenshots are below. Adding, all google endpoints I have tested (however, as screenshots (and as first try) show, with the set within postman it works - within Bubble it does not). I cannot explain why. Best!

Group 3_bubble_googleapi

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I created a plugin to solve this problem - authenticate to Google Data API and run data queries, so you can pull GA4 data into Bubble. You could try your queries out on this plugin service page and see if they work.