API Connector error: the parameter file is not a valid file

So I have an API call setup as such:

That initialized fine. So I made a backend API call:

With the step:
Screenshot (2)

Seems simple enough, but whenever that attempts to run, I get the error:
Workflow error - API Connector error: the parameter file is not a valid file

I can see on the logs the url being put there is valid, and I have tried adding the https:, and other such manipulation to make the file be accepted, but it doesn’t take. How do I get this to work? I’m guessing it wants a FILE versus a file url, but I’m not sure how else to pass the file across.

Is it a private file? Maybe that could be an issue

Forgot this screenshot. Using the Bubble Audio recorder (built by bubble) to record and upload the content, then sending the result as the file

Not private.

try putting https:// or was it just https: (not in front of pc right now to check) in front of the dynamic file location as bubble leaves this out

Tried that already and unfortunately it didn’t work.

Just as a sanity check, try a file in your database already, and also check privacy rules :grimacing: Also check Bubble server logs since the actual API call is in the backend, the front end debugger might just show the URL being passed through to the backend WF.

Yeah I did and everything looks right. I saw someone else use a different audio recorder (not the bubble one) and doing a similar goal (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kIhNH2fTiM) and I got it to work on the first try. Weird.

Does the file show up in the File manager once Bubble saves the recording? (with the Bubble-made plugin) Maybe it’s buggin’ Then see if the file is even valid like if you click on it to view/download the file

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Yes it does, and shows it is not private.

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I got the bubble plugin to work. It seems that I was checking too late for when the file was saved to bubble (after it failed). It seems to take a long time to save from the recorder to bubble (like 8 seconds), so even though there is a URL, it isn’t a complete file yet, so when it was going to Whisper, it failed.


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Strange, usually plugins trigger an event for this exact reason, but this one doesn’t seem like it does that. Maybe try the “When input’s value has changed” and pick the recorder :slightly_smiling_face:

The smoothest way I figured of getting to work using the bubble plugin was to upload the content (plugin action) then save that to a custom state on the page. Then use that custom state to call the API, and only show the option to do so when the custom state file is not empty.

EDIT: Scratch that. It seems to take at least 3 seconds, sometimes 30 seconds to save a file from the bubble app, when the other plugin does it within 2 seconds reliably. Just going to use the other one the official bubble plugin is too slow for me.

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