API Connector Help - Errors and wont initialize, but works - RESOLVED

Let me start by stating, I am new to this kind of stuff (API). The company I work for builds applications in ASP.net. They enabled the ability to create a new company in their multi-tenant environment using a POST command.

I am attempting to create a function in a custom app I am working on that would create a new company using some of the data within the custom app. Going through the documentation, either I do not understand what I am reading or there are numerous ways to accomplish the same thing? Referring to where parameters are placed. Appears they can be put in within the URL itself, they can be added under the section “Parameters” or you can add them in JSON Body using <>. I have tried all of these methods and seem to hit the same issue.

When I go to Initialize the call, I get a rather uninformative API error (see screenshot). However, when I check the application I am communicating with, everything worked perfectly. However, it never Initializes, so I cant use it in my workflows. If I go to initialize again, I get a different error “The API call returns a non-object and you picked JSON. Please check.”. I know my company’s application would not allow another user to be setup with the same company name, so I understand an error or failed response here. If I change the default values so unique and reinitialize, it will work but throws the first API error and therefore I cannot move forward.

Of course, once I clear this hurdle, I need to call this API from a workflow, where I would replace all the parameter values with a lookup. All parameters are not marked private and queryst is also checked off. API type is Action (does that mean I cannot capture back a 200 success message?). I am guessing this is rather straight-forward, though figured I would indicate what I am doing here in case I am completely in the wrong direction.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



Here is a snapshot of the plugin settings if that is of assistance?

One last item. When studying server logs and looking at the difference between Postman POSTS and Bubble POSTS, I noted that with Bubble, it is doing two posts. So rather than performing a POST and a GET, Bubble API Connector is doing two POSTS simultaneously. Cannot see anything in settings that would be causing this. See image from log below:

This issue has been resolved. Not going to get into tremendous detail here because this turned out to be a validation issue that most likely will not apply to other users but the gist is the API on external application had validation on phone number being passed over. Using a regex pattern that not only looked for number of characters and format, but I never noted that for example, the first number in a phone can never be 1. Our test data had invalid phone numbers. For some reason I am not getting any errors back in API plug in. However, when I stepped through the workflow, and clicked on the evaluator, pasted that text into notepad and went through each parameter being passed , I noted the error message on phone number.

I would first take the wonderful api course created by @copilot… Or I know @romanmg also has one…

Great, will check that out

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