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API Connector help

I was wondering if anyone can help
I want to pull data from this api

q= city name

I want “q” to equal current users city name.

How can I set it up in the api connector to pull “current user city name”.


use the check mark client-safe near the parameter area, and pass the information from the site or workflow by extracting the city from the current location.

When you set the API up in the plugin, you are just adding test data for dynamic call (things like keys are static mostly). So stick Paris in/the query for now. Then you can overwrite this when you add to the page or workflow.

So you add the API to the page via some text (as this is a data call) and point it to your api. Then you can point your city to the “client safe” parameter.

Example here.

Remember to add the Content Type application/json to the header. And as above, set the q= to “client safe”.

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Thank-you so much. I undertstand how to use it now :grinning: