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How To Properly Set Up The API Connector

I’ve got the API connector installed to the app but I can’t figure out how to configure it so that it calls data using the api automatically as the person types.

What I’m trying to do is have an auto-complete drop down happen for an Airport Code (ex. CYKZ) or other ICAO code.

I have created a test app here if someone can assist me in configuring this or advise me how I can go about using an API like this in bubble…:

Request FULL URL: curl -v -X GET “


I believe what I need to do is modify the request ICAO Code automatically…

But how is this done?

I want to take a user input and add it to the API call URL dynamically. Maybe I’m configuring this all wrong though I am not sure about this one… Thanks all.

Make the URL client safe and add the field dynamically.

However you will need to add a valid code in the plugin to get it to work so bubble can see some data.

Thanks Nigel. I’ve now made the main url client-safe (not the paramaters) and i’ve placed a full URL with an ICAO code there as you said so that Bubble has actual data but I am still not able to dynamically change this ICAO code that modifies the call url. Each time I attempt to go dynamic it clears the entire url.

Managed to get the field to auto populate without deleting the entire URL but for some reason all I get are 404 errors from the API Connector. ?

Works fine when I’m in the Plugin settings. Works fine in the dashboard for the api provider. But when I use it on the web page it gives me constant 404’s:

Have I set something up incorrectly? Parameters are all being sent fine. ICAO code is dymanic now at the tail end of the URL… ?

Is this in an app somewhere public ? I can’t see it in the link above ?