API Connector: How deep the nested JSON could be converted to bubble things?

I have started to use Moralis API where you can access to a blockchain node.

I can get any datas instantly and it works fine.
But converting it to bubble’s thing is not that easy for me.
My issue is I could get only the first two layers of JSON files into bubble things, as you can see here:

I want to convert the third layer(in my case: metadata) as well. Is this a matter of bubble or the API provider?

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Please have a look at the following screenshot:

It retrieves a string, not an object. In your case, I think you have a stringified JSON object.

You can try to make the same request in Postman to see what format it returns.

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Thanks @lottemint.md
Yes, it is a "string"
So I have been searching in the forum and bump…, your thread.

Is this going to be the solution?
Do I have to open plugin editor to make the string into object data?

I could simply split the text with , and convert it to repeating group.