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API connector is SO slow

***UPDATE: my API connector speed has increased considerably since this post :blush: Thanks, Bubble team! ***

Is anyone else having issues with using the API connector?
Every time I try to add a new API call, it takes minutes to respond when I click into a field - and that is when it DOESN’T crash the the entire page.

Very frustrating
Curious to know if this is a Bubble platform issue, or an issue with my own computer/browser.

I see it each time. API connector slows down on typing of each character itself.

What I have observed is that somehow auto-save of app is extra slow when we make edits in API connector. So, even if you are just typing name of API call, it seems like it is making full save and writing full application to the disk each time a keystroke is being entered there. You can see a “saving…” on top of the editor each time you do anything small in API connector. So you make a keystroke, it will start saving, and will only respond after that once that “saving…” becomes “saved”.

One hack that I use is that I write the text in a notepad or something and then just paste the texts directly in API connector. It could be the JSON code that I have to write in the body or name of the API call or anything which requires entering text beyond a few characters.

That saves some time.

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Exactly! I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this.
This is a great hack, though, I will definitely be doing this as well. Thank you so much for sharing! :blush:

SQL connector is the same. Horrible to have to use.

I beleive someone at Bubble is looking at this area.

But yes, it can get so slow.


That is so great to hear!