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API Connector - Linkedin - Login Redirect due to Linkedin Native App in phone

I have successfully integrated Linkedin through API connector with scopes, r_liteprofile, r_member_social, r_emailaddress, and successfully able to login new users, and generating new posts from my app and posting it directly on users linkedin feed,

However in iOS when user tries to Login with Linkedin, it opens Native iOS Linkedin app instead of Oauth login on the same page.
when we delete the native app things are normal.

Also it shows this message

and if we press continue than bubble linkedin Login is directed to Native app, and if we hit Cancel Oauth works fine.

Is there anybody who faced the same problem? or this could be a bug.
looking for help @philledille @J805 @NigelG @mishav

Hey @technoswift :wave:

I think I have this problem in other apps as well, even the ones not built on Bubble. It’s pretty frustrating for sure. If I can find anything on the topic, I will send it your way. :blush:

thanks @J805

To have “LOGIN WITH LINKEDIN” working properly, user should delete or not have the Linkedin Native app

Hope we find a way for this.

I wonder if it has something to do with how the request is being made to open LinkedIn. Is there a difference between opening in app and opening in browser? Maybe a different process?

So maybe bubble Login with LinkedIn looks for LinkedIn token in browser and native app is activated with same LinkedIn token.

I found same questions being asked on stackexchange

Hoping we get an answer for this