API Connector - multiples of same parameter

I’m using an API to list various recipes.
Working fairly well so far and I can search and other things as I want.

I’m starting to add functionality to exclude things from the search results and the API needs the same parameter several times like so:

I’ve been working my way through the forums on how to achieve this with the API Connector but have not been able to find a solution.

Tried to add a parameter excluded in the call but didn’t get any further there.
Should I build a string out of the set of exclusions and just set the excluded parameter to that string?

Any and all help appreciated.

After a whole load of hours spent I managed to solve it.
Adding the parameters directly in the URL within brackets (see screenshot below) made it possible to provide the API with what it needed.
Sharing is caring so thought I’d do just that :slight_smile:

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